Resque Red - Applewood Smoked Sauce
Joe is especially proud of this sauce. It has a full bold smoky flavor and is 100% all natural, it has to be in order to have the words "all natural" on the label. There are no processed sugars or high fructose corn syrups, he uses agave syrup and molasses as sweeteners. Joe’s Applewood Smoked sauce has the perfect blend of fresh ingredients and spices to make it the perfect BBQ sauce.

It’s Gluten and Wheat free too!
Resque Red - Rub
This rub is great for seasoning, smoking and grilling. It is very versatile and will add tons of flavor without distracting from the foods natural flavor. It is also fantastic on fish, veggies and roasted potatoes. Makes a wonderful marinate, just add oil. You can add sweetness, salt or heat depending on your own taste!