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Beef Brisket
1 piece 5-7 lb. beef brisket
Joe's BQ Resque Red Rub
Joe's BQ Resque Red Applewood Sauce

Season raw brisket on both sides with Joesbq Resque Red Rub and place in a roasting pan. For best results, add enough liquid to the roasting pan to achieve 1/4 inch of liquid in pan.

Preheat oven to 350 F

Roast in oven at 350F for 1 hour uncovered Then continue to roast for 3 hours covered tightly.An internal tempurature of 185 F will indicate a fully cooked brisket. Baste roast every hour through the cooking process. Allow meat to rest before slicing. Trim all fat and slice meat thinly across the grain.

Serve with Joe'sBQ Resque Red Applewood Sauce

Serve with Joe's BQ Resque Red Applewood Smoked Sauce.